Using a cantilever to measure interfacial forces.
Tony Dinsmore (University of Massachusetts)

CMEDS 2013 Summer Intern Joyce Ward who was mentored by Dr. Vijay John. Joyce’s project was entitled: “Interfacial Activity of Oil-Degrading Bacteria and Marine Snow Formation in the Aftermath of an Oil Spill. July 2013

Dispersant at the oil-water interface.
Ron Larson (University of Michigan)

Cryo-Scanning Electron Micrograph of dispersed oil drops.
Vijay John (Tulane University)

CMEDS 2013 Summer Interns and 2013 St. James Methodist Church Summer Campers and Staff are all smiles following the CMEDS Summer Science Outreach Day held at Tulane University. July 2013

Simulation of capped PEO Oligomers in water/hexane.
Lawrence Pratt (Tulane University)

Nucleation of hydrates.
Pablo Debenedetti (Princeton University)

CMEDS 2013 Summer Interns following their participation in the Summer Research Academy Symposium. Front row: Mary Osetinsky, Karry Wright, Kristen Wollman, Carolina Rodriguez, and Kelly O’Quinn. Back row: Joyce Ward, Allen Huang, David Galin, Lawrence Aiken, and Tuan Tran. August 2013

Particle Streaming from Pickering Emulsion
Arijit Bose (University of Rhode Island)

Oil transport in porous media.
Kyriakos Papadopoulos (Tulane University)
  About C-MEDS
The Consortium for the Molecular Engineering of Dispersant Systems (C-MEDS) is a research collaboratory involving 43 investigators from 22 universities in the US. The Consortium is based on the premise that dispersants are an essential aspect in the effective management and mitigation of large oil releases from deep ocean environments. The Consortium is funded through the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. The Consortium has an Advisory Committee with distinguished scientists from Industry and the Federal Laboratories. In addition to its research mission, the Consortium has a strong education mission to train students in advanced science and technology related to the mitigation of oil spills, and an outreach mission to communicate and provide information on the role of dispersants in oil spills.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & EcoSystem Science Conference
The conference will be held January 26-29, 2014 in Mobile, AL. Conference Registration and Abstract Submission are open.

The CMEDS Annual Investigator Meeting will be held on Thursday, January 30, at the same venue.

CMEDS is putting together a full day symposium on dispersants at the Conference.


Norma Alcantar's work is featured on the NSF website.

Hank Ashbaugh is the winner of the 2013 Helmholtz Award given by the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAWPS).

Bob Hurt (Brown) has been appointed the Chief Editor of Carbon. Bob is also the recipient of the Charles E. Pettinos Award given by the American Carbon Society.

Dick Weiss (Georgetown) was appointed a Visiting Professor (Senior Scientist) by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

C-MEDS welcomes Howard Stone (Princeton). Howard is working on a collaborative project with Bob Prud'homme on the ultrafast dynamics of surfactant adsorption to interfaces.

Pablo Debenedetti has been appointed the Dean of Research at Princeton.

KT Valsaraj has been appointed the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Economic Development at LSU.


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